Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bangalore : Co-founder/Lead for a startup

Hello All,


One of my client/friend is looking for a co-founder/Lead for his company. Below are quick pointers about him :


- He is an Alumni of IIT Kanpur

- Worked in product companies in past

- Comes with strong experience of 8-9 years

- He is setting up his company and will primarily work on Java and Open Source

- They will be focusing on OPD and Product development

- He is looking for someone who comes with strong experience of Java and have spent atleast 4-5 years in this industry

- Someone who is smart and is ready to take up startup challenges

- Someone who is interested in wearing different shoes as and when required


* someone who an entrepreneur in past can be a best fit.  


Please send your referrals to me at



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